Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guilty as Charged

Tonight, I was on Twitter and came across a link to a post on MomDot listing the Top 25 Most Annoying Blogger types according to bloggers. (Thanks for the link @Shopwithmemama!) I laughed through most of the list, nodded in agreement with some of it, and realized that I am guilty of not 1 but 2 of these blogger-faux-pas!

I am a Drive-by blogger (#19). I am definitely guilty of posting sort of consistently for a week and then disappearing for a few weeks and then coming back. And you know what I do when I come back?! #4 on the list. I apologize. I try to explain where I've been, I make promises about the great posts I have coming up and I apologize for being a bad blogger.

After reading the list tonight and realizing that I am a doubly annoying blogger, yes, my first impulse was to apologize. But I'm not going to. I could promise to be better, but I don't know if I can keep that promise. Sometimes I don't even want to look at my computer. Sometimes I'm lazy or tired or just cranky and anything I post would have a tone to it that I wouldn't mean if I was in a better mood. Sometimes my life just feels dull and not worth writing about.

I know we all feel like that sometimes. I can't be alone in this...

I love my blog and I don't think I could ever give it up completely, but I can only post when I feel like I have something worthwhile to share. Otherwise it wouldn't sound real or honest. No one would want to read that. So all I can say is that I may not post every day. I may get sidetracked with life and not show up for a few weeks. I may continue to drive-by and/or apologize for it and I may annoy you. But I won't post drivel. I won't hand out regurgitated crap or write mindlessly just to get something new posted. If it shows up on my blog, just know that I did think about posting it and found it to be worthwhile. That ought to count for something, right?

(I do want to add that I was not at all offended by this list. Most of the items on the list were dead on. It did make me look at myself in a less flattering light, but it was definitely good perspective to get. Rereading this, I didn't want to come across like I was whining. Then I'd just feel the urge to apologize again!)


MomOnTheEdge said...

I am guilty as charged as well. Personally, I love your blog . . . drive-by or not. Life is too short for me to be a dedicated daily blogger. Blogging is a little like going out to eat for dinner. It is generally enjoyable and a treat . . . but when my kitchen was being remodeled and I HAD to go out to eat every day it stopped being fun.

Kellie's Camera said...

Hey Jodi! I am following your blog now..yay!!

Vasu said...

hey, just found ur blog, very lovely...amazing posts

Ileana said...

haha! That post was hilarious!!!
I do not know which one I am :S