Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Oven - UGH

So about 2 weeks ago now, our oven decided it wanted the broiler on whenever the oven's breaker was switched on. It wouldn't turn off! And that broiler gets HOT! So we did without an oven OR a stove top til yesterday. Yesterday the repair guy came and the broiler didn't come on! UGH! He said that there's probably a sticky connection back there and we could replace 2 parts and spend like $600 bucks or we can just get a new stove, which we'll probably do. But for now we can use it if we make sure we flip the breaker back off when we're done.

So yesterday was our first dinner that wasn't from the crockpot or george foreman grill in about two weeks! (Nothing against the cp or GF grill though, they saved us!!) We had chorizo & black bean burritos! Yum! Tonight, it's chili! I never imagined I'd be so glad to be able to brown meat in my life!! LOL


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