Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lego Store!

My boyfriend and I went to the Lego Store today. If you have a Lego fan in your family, you know what an exciting trip this can be. The last time we were in a Lego store was 5 years ago in Disney World, so we were looking forward to the trip. (The next time you're in Disney, definitely visit the Lego Store. They have a really cool Wall of Mini Figures and some really cool statues outside.)

So as an early Christmas gift, I bought the Lego City Advent Calendar for him. Every day has a different Lego model to build. He's building himself a scene with the models (and blogging about it on his website ) and he needed a green base board and some bricks for the background wall. So off to the Lego Store we went.

The Lego store offers some fun ways to buy Legos in their stores. You can buy some really cool sets, but you can also buy your own mix of Legos by the cupful. $14.99 for the larger cup (looks about 20oz) and $7.99 for the smaller (about half of that). They have a wall of buckets along the back of the store full of all different Lego components. My boyfriend needed some red bricks to build background walls, so we filled the cup with the number of red bricks we needed. (Yep, we did the math.) And then he filled the rest of the cup with random bits. Steering wheels, ladders, single bricks with eyeballs printed on them, orange "jewels', levers, and all different sizes and colors of random bricks. We probably spent a little more time trying to conserve space in that cup than most people, ok a lot more time, but we fit a ton of Legos in that cup. The cup is pretty cool looking too. The top looks like a Lego and if you bring back your cup and lid next time you need a refill, they'll give you a discount.

I also thought it was cool that kids (or adults) could also build their own mini figures. You could make 3 figures for $9.99. It didn't seem like they had a ton of options and pieces to me, but the kids in the store today were having a great time picking out their mini fig features. They had a cool blister pack to put your 3 figures in to take home too. As a kid, I think would have liked making a mini fig that looked like me. I saw one mini figure today with a ponytail and that impressed me. I would have loved that as a kid.

Minifigure Ice Cube Tray - $7.99
They also had some fun novelty things in the store too. I loved the Holiday Ornament sets and the mini-fig keychains. They also had watches, pens and these fun ice cube trays!

If you have a Lego fan in your house, and a Lego store nearby, I definitely suggest making the trip. You'll definitely be impressed with the number and variety of sets and cool stuff you'll find there!

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