Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

It's a bright and beautiful sunny day here, but it's coooooooold!! Seriously. I'm ready for some spring-like temperatures to go with this sunshine!! I'm feeling sorry for the crocuses that have already popped up in the garden out front! For their sake (and mine) please, Mother Nature, we need some warmer temps soon! I know the forecast is saying it won't go above 50 degrees all week, but if any of you have any tricks to get the temps to warm up, please let me know! :)

This weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to be creative and try a little painting. We bought 2 of those paint-by-number sets. Mine is of 2 chickadees sitting in branches full of lilacs. Very pretty, but very intricate. It's taking me awhile to finish mine, while Dan finished his yesterday afternoon. He even added an octopus to his! (Yeah, I know what your wondering. It was a lighthouse on the shoreline scene and he added an octopus attacking the shore! lol. If he posts a pic later, I'll like to it for you.) :)

So I'm still working on mine, but when it's done I'll share!

Also stay tuned, later today I'll be posting a great giveaway from CSN Stores! :)

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