Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Trip to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I haven't posted in a few weeks, but after yesterday, I knew I had to write up a quick post.

My birthday was at the beginning of the month, and for my birthday, my boyfriend got us 2 tickets to go see a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So yesterday morning, we got in the car and drove to NYC for the taping. After checking in, they lined us all up according to letters we had on the back of our tickets. I think they were in order of when we originally ordered our tickets, first come, first serve. While in line, I noticed a group of people who appeared to work for the show walking up and down the line. I made eye contact with the one guy in the group a few times and then he came over to us in line. He started talking to my boyfriend Dan and the next thing we knew, Dan had volunteered to play in a game on the show! They pulled us out of line and gave Dan a release form to sign. We waited a few minutes and 2 more groups of people came over to join us. After everyone had their forms filled out, they told us they'd be bringing us into the studio early to seat us and go over how the game would work. When they walked us into the studio, they sat us in the first row!! Very very cool! The studio isn't very big at all, so it felt very cool to be that close.

They did the game in the 2nd segment of the show, so during the first commercial, they took all 3 players down offstage and filled their seats with people from the back. The guy that sat next to me, turned to me and gave me two thumbs ups and yelled, "Yeah!!" He was very excited to be up there, lol.

If you're familiar with some of the games they play on the show, they played The Wheel of Carpet Samples :) I could describe the game and everything, but it's so much funnier to watch it!

video screen captures from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's Blog

(**In the clip, Dan has to say which Animaniac character he'd "sleep" with and there's a clip of an old commercial with some bad language bleeped out too. Just a warning in case you think you may be offended by this. The clip does not get graphic. I just wanted to be clear for everyone!)

The rest of the show was really fun too. Brian Williams (from NBC news) and Dwight Howard were the guests. They were both really funny and had a good time with the show. Dwight Howard had a 3 point competition too, where they tried to shoot random objects into the basketball net. It was a really fun and messy bit, lol. Richard Ashcroft was the musical guest (lead singer of The Verve, but now solo) and his style of music wasn't really my taste, but he played with The Roots which was cool and they also did an extra song for the audience after the show was over. Jimmy Fallon ran up through the audience at the end and I got to shake his hand too. He looked right at me and said "Thanks so much for coming!" and shook my hand. Very cool! :)

The taping took about an hour and 15 min and it was a lot of fun. Now granted, not everyone gets to sit in the front row or be on the show, but it was definitely a fun experience. Everyone at the show was super nice and we had a really great time. The tickets to see the taping are free, so if you're ever planning a trip to NYC, I definitely recommend trying to get tickets. It's really cool to see how the whole process works.

Afterwards, we got a few pics of Dan with his carpet sample (see video link above) and then we got some dinner and made our way home. We got back about an hour before the show aired live, so it was really cool to watch it after we experienced it. It was fun to see us on tv too! (You can see me in the audience shots! I'm wearing red in the front row.) It was a really fun day. We were both exhausted when we got home, but it was sooo worth it. A very nice ending to my birthday celebration!

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