Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cookies: First Try

So I attempted coconut macaroons last week. Notice I say attempted. They were not as straightforward and simple as I'd thought. They stuck horribly to the baking sheets. Recipe called for an insulated cookie sheet. I only had one, so I made the others on regular baking sheets. The cookies on the insulated sheet stuck worst of all! I literally had to scrape up the middles with a metal spatula, re-form them into balls and offer them to my mother as a delicious, but not-so-pretty treat. I didn't even take pictures to share with you. I was really a bit embarrassed by them.

See, I greased the pans with butter, like I've always done. But according to my mom, that may have been where I went wrong. She thinks maybe the butter cooked away and didn't help with the sticking. So I bought crisco to try next. I also have parchment to try. Anyone have any great advice to keep coconut macaroons from sticking? I'm willing to try anything. I would love these tasty little treats to look as good as they taste. I would really love to be able to proudly share them.

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IfiHadaHammer said...

I would try the parchment paper and spray the paper with nonstick cooking spray. When I discovered this combination it was like a baking miracle! I put paper circles on the bottoms of my cake pans and spray and no more broken mashed falling apart cakes! It's great for cookies too.