Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Raisin House

When I was a kid, the dreaded Raisin House was right across the street. Every year Johnny's mom handed out little boxes of raisins on Halloween instead of candy. (Name has been changed to protect Johnny from re-living the shame.) We kids collectively named it "The Raisin House" and apparently we weren't alone. Talking with friends now as an adult, lots of kids had a Raisin House. And we all have the same memory of it. No one liked it.

I remember telling my mom, "Why can't they let us have candy this one night?!" My mom responded by telling me that I had plenty of candy and not to worry about that one house. She was right so I dropped it and focused on the candy trading. (Did you do this with your siblings? Maybe your kids do this now. So fun!)

Looking back now though, these unpopular parents were just trying to curb what we all know has become an epidemic of obesity in America. They were trying to be helpful. We never saw it that way, but that was their intention. And I totally understand the impulse. Kids don't really need the candy.

But Halloween for me is a time to be a kid again. I love to sit at the door, see the kids' costumes and enjoy the cool autumn night. And I love to hand out candy. I remember the thrill as a kid going from house to house, my pillow case getting heavier and heavier. Besides Christmas and my birthday, it was my favorite day of the year. And I'm not fooling myself into to thinking it wasn't about the candy. It totally was. So I know I will continue to give candy on Halloween. My younger self would never forgive me if I became a Raisin House. But for those of you who want to offer a healthier option, I found a great one you might not know about. I know I didn't.

Today on The 10! Show, a local Philadelphia morning show, Chris Byrne of Time To Play was showing fun toys and costumes for Halloween. He also featured a bag of small tubs of Play-Doh to give out for Halloween. I thought this was so great. Kids, especially little kids, will love this! Chris said the bags were available at Target and Walmart for about $3.99 for 20. I haven't checked out the stores yet, but I did find this bag of 80 available on for $17.49. (And it is eligible for free shipping if you have Amazon Prime!)

This would also be fabulous for teachers or for halloween party treat bags. I'm pretty sure this would be much more acceptable than raisins and pretty affordable, especially if you live in a pretty big neighborhood and get a lot of kids.

So if your conscience won't let you give out candy this Halloween, and I can totally understand that, this Play-Doh Trick or Treat Bag might be a great option for you.

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