Saturday, May 23, 2009

EA Sports Active for the Wii Review

I just finished my 2nd workout with the EA Sports Active. It's like a personal trainer on the Wii. It uses the nunchuk with the Wii remote. You use both remote and nunchuck while you're boxing, for example. There is also a leg band that you wear on your right thigh. When you are doing leg exercises or running, for example, the nunchuk (am I spelling that right?!) fits in a pocket in the front of your leg band and this tracks the movements your legs are doing. It also comes with a resistance band to help add to your arm exercises.

Yesterday's workout included boxing, running, walking, side lunges, bicep curls, squats and a few others. Today, they had me play tennis instead of the boxing and added some extra work to my running (high knees and back kicks) along with the other arm and leg exercises. The workouts are only about 20 min each, so you really can fit this in to your busy routine. Another great thing is the goals the trainer sets for you. When you start each workout, there will be an estimated goal of how many calories you'll burn. While you workout, you can watch the counter as the calories tick away. Today they wanted me to burn 103 calories and I burned 127! That made me feel great! The workout calendar in the game also gives you a rest day every third day, so you don't overdo it. But nothing's stopping you from exercising on your own that day. The trainer is also there motivating you while you workout and that really works for me.

I'm really loving the EA Sports Active. Now I will be the first one to admit I'm not the most active girl in the world. I don't think I'm in terrible shape, but other than occasional walks on the weekends, I don't do a lot of cardio activity. I did win a bike last fall and I intend on getting out on it more this summer, but I haven't gotten it out yet. I really feel like I'm capable of doing this Active workout on a regular schedule. It kicks my butt and I end up sweaty and gross afterwards, and I know I'll be a little sore tomorrow, but I feel like I can really do this. Plus, I was really impressed with my stamina and ability to keep up. I love that it only takes 20 minutes. This morning, I did it before anyone in my house even got up and it felt great.

The EA Sports Active for the Wii sells on Amazon for $59.99. I'm guessing this is the price you'll see everywhere else too. When You think about the fact that brand new video games retail for $49.99, this is pretty good for only $10 more. And it's a one-time buy. If you're going to use this, you can probably skip the gym, unless you really love the equipment or atmosphere there. (I've never gone to a gym though so maybe there are other benefits I'm not aware of.) You can think of this as your personal trainer that you never have to pay again! I definitely think it's worth it. Especially if it's next to impossible for you to get time to yourself to get to the gym.


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always_317537 said...

I absolutely love the ea sports active! We bought it two days ago and I am soooo sore from the workout. It works and it is so awesome . I recommend this game to anyone who wants to lose weight and have fun too =) Have a great day =)