Thursday, May 14, 2009

TV Thursday!

So...LOST finale! Did you see it?! That Jacob guy sure gets around! It kind of blew my mind toward the end though. I definitely didn't think it was Locke in the box! I even felt a little bad for Ben. Am I alone? His whole "what about me?" whine? Poor

I really liked the finale and it was so good to see Rose and Bernard again, even if they really wanted to stay lost. I don't know how I feel about Juliet being alive to set off the bomb though. How did they both survive hitting all of the rocks at the bottom of that hole? And do you think if the bomb does reset everything, that their memories will all reset too? That they won't remember anything, or specifically each other? Should be interesting to see...but now we have to wait til next year! 2010! That's almost torture making us wait til 2010...not fair! Plus, it's going to be the final season?! I had heard that but to see it in print on the screen made it really hit me. I really love this show. I'll be sad to see it end.

Ok...also just one thing about American Idol. I am really excited to see Kris and Adam in the finals. I think it will be a great finale show. I was so impressed with Kris's performance of Heartless this week. I think he did a brilliant job with that song. And I know Danny had a huge following, so I was really surprised that Kris made it. I figured it would be close, between Kris and Danny, but I was really surprised to hear there were only 1 million voted separating Kris and Adam! So this finale could go either way! What do you all think? Are you happy with America's choice for the finale? And who do you want to win?


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Bee and Rose said...

I was completely blown away by Kris and his rendition of Heartless! I looked at my husband and said, "dude just hit the top two!" He didn't believe it, but wow! was he wrong!

I love Danny and he was my favorite, but Kris really rocked my socks off Tuesday!