Thursday, May 21, 2009

TV Thursday!

So Kris Allen won American Idol...Are you all shocked? We weren't so shocked in my house. We'd been discussing it all week. I even got my folks into the debate. My dad and I agreed that Kris would probably get the Danny Gokey votes. I also heard a lot of talk throughout the week about Adam being "screamy". He does do that scream a lot, but I didn't think people thought it was annoying until this week.

A woman my mother works with also said that Kris needed to win more. Like Adam already had a career. He'd have no trouble breaking out, but Kris needed the win more to take off. I personally, think Kris's sound is more marketable and listenable. What kind of album is Adam going to make? I don't really think it will be a current sounding record. Just my opinion, but I don't see the glam rock sound coming back. The Darkness tried it in like 2003 (around that time), but then we never heard from them again. I see Adam Lambert on the stage more than having an album. My boyfriend told me last night that they're making a musical stage show based on Green Day's American Idiot album. Maybe Adam could do that!

Kris on the other hand could fit in with a few genres. I hadn't seen him in the country/rock genre, but his performance with Keith Urban last night really worked for me. I could also see him making albums like Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson.

Ok I've spent way too much time on this subject, lol, so I'll end now. I promise I wont talk about Idol again til next year! Congrats to both Kris and Adam. I know they both have careers ahead of them.



Janna Bee said...

I would totally buy Kris's album over Adam's... not that I don't think Adam is talented.

carma said...

I think Adam will probably have a long career on Broadway..