Monday, April 20, 2009

Sparknotes Yearbook 2009 Feature and Sweepstakes

SparkNotes is a site sponsored by Barnes & Noble aimed at high school students. They have lots of fun and informative articles on studying, school, work, pop culture, test-prep, etc. You name it, they're covering it! Their newest feature is the 2009 Sparknotes Yearbook Awards. You can vote for your favorite nominee (think senior superlatives!) and read the hysterical Yearbook Etiquette section (#10 in the list on the left). I'm willing to admit it's been a long time since I was in high school, but this feature really made me chuckle and reminisce about my own high school days.

If you have a high school student in your household, send them the link. Or check it out yourself!

While you're there you can enter their sweepstakes to win a new digital camera, Six Flags theme park tickets or a SparkNotes tshirt! Just click the Six Flags Sweepstakes banner at the top of the page to enter!


Amanda said...

Barnes and Noble just makes me laugh. The librarian from my high school ended up working there because they caught him with porn on his school issued laptop.

shopannies said...

sounds like a great giveaway thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck