Thursday, April 9, 2009

TV Thursday!

I have to admit I didn't watch a lot of TV this week. I watched American Idol on Tuesday and was kind of bored for the most part. I was impressed with Danny, Matt, Allison and Adam. I thought they were all really good. The other contestants are kind of leaving me cold, but we'll see what next week brings. I also watched Fringe, which made up for my kind of bored reaction to Idol. I *LOVE* Fringe! I had been waiting for the new episodes to start up again and it did not disappoint! It was weird, sweet and funny in all of the best possible ways! Anybody else love Walter as much as we do? And lastly, Today I watched the Philadelphia Phillies receive their World Series rings! Want to see their bling? It's a pretty spectacular ring. There are 103 diamonds on it to represent the 103 wins the Phillies had last year. 3.84 carats! The rings are enormous too. Completely extravagant, and I'm thrilled for my Phightin' Phils! VERY well-deserved!

Oh, and don't spoil LOST for me! I'm going to watch it tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. I'll post a blurb here when I'm done!


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