Thursday, April 2, 2009

TV Thursday!

**SPOILER ALERT! Don't Read if you don't want to hear about what happened on the last American Idol or Grey's Anatomy!!**

I watch a lot of tv. Probably more than I should. We watch reality shows, dramas, comedies, news specials, talk shows, etc. I will admit that we DVR everything and I don't always watch the tv live, but we do our best to stay caught up.

I was looking for something fun to talk about on Thursdays, and I decided to chat about tv. With all the tv I watch, I should never be at a loss for something to say!

Lost: Check out this funny idea for a Lost spinoff called Lil' Lost. If you watch Lost, this is going to crack you up! I'll let it speak for itself, but notice the great illustration. Love the polar bear!

American Idol: Did anyone watch last night? Megan Joy was eliminated from the competition last night. Let me just vent about it a bit. When Megan was put in the bottom three, Ryan asked Megan what she thought about Simon's harsh critique the night before. She said, "I love you Simon, but I don't really care." Now granted, we all know she DID care. Of course she did. She wanted to win this competition and change her life. But she talked back to Simon and said she didn't care. My problem last night, was with the way Simon responded. When Megan was announced as the one to go home, Ryan asked Simon if the judges were considering using the new "save" rule to save Megan. Simon responded to Megan, saying "With all due respect, Megan, you said you don't care, and nor do we." He then said that they weren't going to even consider saving her, so she should just enjoy her last song. I thought that was very childish of Simon. There was no reason they couldn't have told her to do her best and then they'd decide, even if they'd already made up their minds. I thought Simon took offense to Megan's remark and then he acted like a child. I know Simon's job is to be blunt and harsh, but I think he took it too far last night.

Grey's Anatomy: I loved McDreamy's proposal!! I think it was so funny how the Chief kept Meredith from getting on the wrong elevator, and then when the right elevator opened, How good did Derek look?! I don't think I ever noticed the grey streak in his hair before. Maybe it was the dark outfit he was wearing, but he looked good! It will be interesting to see what happens this week after Izzy's surgery and Christina's breakup. I also loved the interaction between Callie and George. I think they had a great dynamic during that episode.

Ok, that's all for TV Thursday...feel free to let me know what shows you all want to talk about! Chances are, I watch them too!

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Valerie said...

I am just like you a TV addict. I use my DVR all the time. I even use it while I am watching TV in case I want to go back and rewatch it. lol