Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decorate Your Macbook!

Snow White's Revenge from Macetera $5.99
Rather than decorating your Macbook with a typical skin and hide the glowing apple, embrace it! Macetera makes decals to play along side the mac logo, not cover it up. With whimsical, geeky, pretty or downright funny decals to choose from, you'll be showing off your macbook's creative side in no time.

I'm loving Snow White's Revenge as well as the Lotus Pond decal. The detail in these decals looks incredible and I love the idea of decorating my Macbook without covering the apple logo. Macetera gets really creative when it comes to incorporating the apple into the decal's overall look. 

And many of these decals are priced under $10, so feel free to let your mac's personality shine!

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