Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Candy Recipe

I'm slowly feeling comfortable with baking, but up until a few months ago, I was not very comfortable in the kitchen. I was always at a loss when it came to what to bring to family and friend functions. It was always a bit stressful for me. When I came across this super-easy candy recipe a few years ago, my family raved about them!


Cool Whip Candies

3 (8 oz.) Hershey's Chocolate Bars
2 containers of Cool Whip
1-2 cups of cookie crumbs or finely chopped nuts (I always use Fudge Stripe Cookie crumbs)

Melt chocolate in microwave (in a large enough dish to later hold 2 containers of cool whip). Start with 30 second intervals and stir between each to be sure not to burn the chocolate. Let the chocolate cool slightly and fold in the cool whip. Drop by teaspoon into crumbs or nuts and roll to cover. Place coated candies on wax paper, cover and store in refrigerator to set.


These are delicious, but the teenagers in my family made jokes about their Once they tasted them, however, they stopped teasing real quick! These might not be the prettiest candies to bring to a client's or boss's party, but for family or friends who can overlook their "rustic" appearance, go for it! They'll be a hit!

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Caroline said...

Mmm, these sound yummy! I have to try these. Always looking for new recipes, especially simple ones!! :)