Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Today, I'm feeling less than happy. I have a knot in the muscle where my shoulder meets my neck and it's causing a lot of pain. I've been trying to rub it all day, trying to work out the knot, but so far the only thing helping is the advil I've been able to take every 4 hours or so. What I need to do is go to bed and hope I can get comfortable long enough to fall asleep.

But because I know I'm not the only one feeling less than happy, I'm going to give you a list today anyway. When we're feeling low, that's when we need to remember the things that make us happy, right?!

1. Harry Potter -- the books, movies, etc. I love it all. It's such a fun world to delve into!
2. Family Photos - My mother just brought home a box full of old family photos from my grandmother and I'm really excited to go through them!
3. The Phillies -- I've been a fan since I was a kid. Such a fun way to spend the afternoon or evening, watching my guys in red and white.
4. Keurig Coffee Maker -- I won this in a giveaway from Melissa at  Saving Cents with Sense and I love it! (Coffee in just a few seconds makes Jodi feel much better!)
5. Strawberry Milkshakes -- I had one from Sonic today and it was amazing!
6. St. Ives Apricot Scrub -- Such a decadent way to smooth skin! I use this on my heels to keep them sandal-ready :) And it smells great too!
7. Sweet Potato Fries -- I know these probably aren't any healthier that regular french fries, but they're delicious!
8. Flip Flops -- I break out the flip flops every year even before spring is technically here and I wear them til October. I'm obsessed. I have tried to get nicer, dressier ones than just the plain ol' rubber ones, but I won't give them up til my toes get too cold.
9. Samples -- I love free samples. They're always great, whether it shows up in the mail or it's a snack at the grocery store.
10. American Pickers -- A show on the History channel that I discovered today. Two guys travel around, visiting people and their junk collections, looking for treasure to buy. Such a fun show for people who appreciate vintage!

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