Thursday, June 3, 2010

School Play

This morning, I went to my godson's 2nd grade class play, "The Little Pollinators". I'm not a mom yet, so this is my first experience going into a school to see the class play. (I don't count the 2 years I worked as a classroom aide. I saw a whole bunch of plays then!) I was so impressed! These kids worked HARD! They made their costumes, learned their lines, and practiced a ton. And after the play was over, they recited poems and sang songs as a class! They had a lot to remember and they all did a fabulous job.

We were able to get front row seats, and I will admit, I felt a little guilty looking straight at the children as they said their lines. Some of them looked terrified! But they all said their lines, some of them really quietly, but they all did it! And then when the songs and poetry started, I started wondering how often they'd practiced these in class. My friend Lindsey (my godson's mom) didn't even know the songs and poetry were coming! They did ALL of that in class! Maybe I'm partial, but they were impressive!

Here's my favorite shot of the day! :)

Bat #2 with his mom!