Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movie Club Night

Every month, my boyfriend has to watch a movie and live blog it with readers for an assignment. Last month, we watched Ghostbusters. The month before was The Princess Bride. This month...We get to watch The Notebook. Yay. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? lol.

I read the book years ago and remember thinking that it was so sad, I never needed to see the movie version. I didn't need to put myself through that. I'm a crier. If it's remotely sad or touching, I'll tear up. I'm not a sobber. I won't go into hysterics like this lady. (Her husband posted a bunch of videos, and I guess she doesn't hate him for it cuz they have a website and sell tshirts. It is pretty funny, go check it out!) But I do tend to tear up pretty good. 

So I decided long ago that I didn't need to ever watch The Notebook. And I know my boyfriend never had any interest in watching it. I've heard good things from women about this film, but never asked for details and honestly, I didn't really pay much attention if they gave any. I wasn't interested. Well now, interest has nothing to do with it. We're going to watch it tonight. 

Have any of you seen it? What did you think? Am I in for a good movie or a big ball of gouda? (my favorite phrase for total cheese.)


jillyq said...

I never read the book so I can't compare the book to the movie but have seen the movie about 100 times. I love it!!! Can't wait to read what you thought!

bayctygrl said...

I finally watched it this year..After hearing it hyped up.. I thought it was ok. Not my fave..but I didn't hate it either.
I never read the book.

Kristen Andrews said...

the notebook is so sad, all of Nicholas Sparks books end in someone dying :(

Crystal said...

Haven't watched it. I remember when it came out my hubands cousin admitting he cried ad that was all I needed to know. I really would like to see it one day though.
Visiting from FF :)