Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad is the Coolest!

My dad is a cool guy. Always has been. I remember being a little girl, watching my dad play his electric guitar and thinking he was the coolest! He taught me about music. He took me fishing. We used to sit down at his ham radio and talk to people from Miami or Dallas and he'd show me where they were on the map. Every summer, we'd go to Rehoboth Beach and play Skee-ball and Wack-A-Mole. He took me to meet Ray Manzerak of The Doors when I was 17. He made me tapes full of music from The Beatles and Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin and I wore them out, I played them so much. He took me to the Philadelphia Flyer's Carnival as a kid and I got to score on the goalie! He bought me my first camera. He had a band he knew dedicate a song to me onstage and made me feel famous. He has taken tons of photographs of bands and musicians and has great stories to tell.

I thought it was pretty great to have a dad like mine growing up. We did all of that cool stuff together and had so much fun. But even now, my dad is still the coolest dad I know. He is always there for me, no mater what. That, to me, is the most important reason that he's the coolest. Sure, he still listens to great music. (Pearl Jam is one of his favorite bands.) He still takes amazing photographs and has great stories to tell! (Check out his wedding and portrait work at Cricklewood Photography!) But most of all, he's cool because he's a great dad. He is always there to talk to and laugh with. And he loves me unconditionally. He is definitely the Coolest! :)

(Thanks for everything, Dad! Love you!)

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