Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have Halloween fever. I'm so excited to get the decorations out and start really celebrating. I have vowed to wait til October to actually put anything out, but that doesn't mean I can't obsess over it on my blog, right?!

So I was window-shopping on Etsy this morning. If you read my blog even semi-regularly you know I love etsy. It's like a crafter-wannabe's playground. I'm sorta crafty, but I'm am always impressed with the cool stuff I find there. You Etsy people are a very talented bunch!

While browsing I found the Pinch Me Boutique. The artist makes these fabulous decorative gourd sculptures!
I love these! They're so fun! I love the expressions how the natural shape of the gourd plays into the character! Many of the gourds in the shop are priced under $20 too, so they're affordable too! Wouldn't one of these guys look great on your mantle or bookshelf?

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