Thursday, September 23, 2010


So on Wednesday nights, I go to Trivia Night at a local restaurant with some friends. We all took the summer off because of vacations, golf leagues, etc. but now we're all back. I thought it'd be fun to share some of the trivia I learn each week with you on Thursday morning. Learning interesting facts, to me, is always helpful. You never know when that random fact is going to help you out. You just might win a contest or a bet for knowing it!

I was debating on how to give you the trivia, so I thought I'd leave it up to all of you. Would you rather me just tell you a bunch of random facts, or would you rather I leave the questions up on the blog so you can see what you know already? I think, either way, it will be fun! Let me know what you all think!

Tonight, I'm going to post some random facts and then add a few bonus questions to the bottom. See if you know the answers, post if you want and/or look them up on Google. Either way, you're learning, right?!

So here goes! Thanks to tonight's trivia game at the Blue Dog Family Restaurant & Tavern in New Britain, PA.

  • The National Flower of India is the Lotus.
  • Robert Ford assassinated Jesse James for a promised reward of $10,000.
  • The Supreme Court of The Netherlands is known as the Hoge Raad.
  • Halophobia is the fear of speaking.
  • Mr. Magoo's first name was Quincy.

Here are a few questions to try and answer too! I'll post the answers next week!

  1. What kind of creature was Sam on The Muppet Show?
  2. Phobos is the name of a moon of which planet?
  3. What name is Edward Teach better known as?
  4. Which Charles Dickens novel is said to be his most autobiographical?
  5. What was Tom Cruise's birth name?

I thought of this new blog posting idea after the fact and now I'm having trouble remembering the questions. Next week I'll make a point to write down or remember more. Have fun with these though!

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