Monday, September 13, 2010

Jury Duty

So today I did my civic duty and showed up at the county courthouse bright and early for Jury Duty. In my 31 years, I've never been called. I had no idea what to expect. My only ideas about the process come from scripted television and movies and something told me it wouldn't be quite like that.

Well I never got to find out. I sat there from 8 to 2, minus an hour for lunch, but never got called. I got about halfway through a book I've been meaning to read for awhile now though. (Spiced by Dalia Jurgensen is pretty good so far! Right now, she's talking about working as a freelance pastry chef for Martha Stewart TV and I am jealous!!) And I had a nice lunch with some ladies I'll never see again.

They say I'm good now for at least 2 years. But it took me 31 to get called this time, so maybe it'll be a bit longer of a stretch. Or is it, now that they've got me, I'm in? If that's the case, I hope I get picked next time for something interesting. I didn't necessarily want to be picked today, but I wouldn't mind an interesting case next time. I bet the process is fascinating. But then again, ask me next time I get called and I may have a different answer for you.

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