Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is my parents' 39th wedding anniversary. When you hear the story of how they met, you might be surprised. My dad was stationed at the Willow Grove Air Base and met a good friend there. Turns out, this good friend lived across the street from my mom. My parents met and dated for only 3 months before they were engaged. They were married in May of 1971. You might think, whoa that's quick! But apparently they did it all just right, because they are still together to celebrate today's anniversary! I hope I manage to make my marriage (when the day comes!) just right as well! :)

Here's a trip for you all....

That's me with my parents when I was a baby. I want to say that was 1979 or 1980

*****Fast forward 30 years*****

Here I am with my parents last year at a friend's wedding.

Lots has changed, but they are still teaching me all about marriage. And about unconditional love.

I love you Mom & Dad! Happy Anniversary!


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crickbob said...

Thanks Jodi! Love u too!