Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok I just had The View on and Evangeline Lilly was on. They asked her if she could reveal one tiny secret or thing about the finale. Whoopi was like, um if you do that, I have to plug my ears! Cuz she didn't want to know! And I immediately muted the tv!

Anyone else so excited about what's coming in these last few episodes of Lost that you CAN'T STAND spoilers?!

I so want to see and discover everything right along with everyone else!

I still don't know how they're going to explain everything in 3 episodes, but we'll see. I can't wait to watch them try anyway! :)

We're even planning a Lost Finale party complete with decor, music and island treats! I'm having lots of fun trying to plan everything! Is anyone else doing anything special for finale night?!



Letherton said...

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Holly said...

I LOVE Lost. We have 2 episodes DVRed, so I have to catch up. I really hope they do don't a cop-out ending like they were all dreaming.