Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I won an Eli's Cheesecake!

I won an Eli's Cheesecake from Angie at My Four Monkeys!! Thank you Angie!! My Four Monkeys is a great, informative blog that holds a ton of giveaways! The blog is full of great reviews and products. Definitely go check it out!

Well it arrived last week and let me tell you! It was DELICIOUS!! I am talking SERIOUSLY decadent. I received a full size Original Favorites Cheescake Sampler from Eli's. It arrived in a special, insulate box and was perfectly cold. I received it on a day I was going out of town for the night, so I put it in the freezer. The next morning, when I was home, I put it into the fridge and by dessert time that day it was perfect! And it was soooo good.

The sampler comes with 4 flavors: original, strawberry, chocolate chip & Heath bar. It was really big too. It came with 4 slices of each flavor! 16 pieces!! Plenty for my whole family and then some! Each flavor is just as good as the next. I think the chocolate chip was my favorite, but they were ALL tasty. And with four flavor choices, there was something for everyone. The cheesecake was so rich and creamy and the crust was super moist. Delicious doesn't seem to do it justice!

Eli's has a ton of flavors and desserts to choose from on their site. It's not even just cheesecake! They have all kinds of desserts: Tiramisu, carrot cake, Apple Bavarian Tarts, etc. Any time you have to send a gift, this would be perfect. Who wouldn't LOVE to get dessert for a gift?! :)

Eli's also gives away a free cheesecake a month on their site, so make sure you enter!!


***Special thanks again to Angie at My Four Monkeys for hosting the giveaway and to Eli's for the cheesecake!!***

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