Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy - Music!

I love music! I have favorite songs for every situation or mood. I have a lot of favorite songs. Ask me choose my desert island discs and I can't do it. They'd have to be mix-tapes (or mix cd's) for me. I have too many songs I couldn't live without.

Here are ten of my favorites. I'm only giving you ten today but I'm not limiting myself. I'll continue to give you other lists randomly by situation/mood. So these are 10 songs that make me happy when I'm running. They aren't necessarily in order of how I'd like to ideally listen while I run. I do need slower songs for walk breaks in between sometimes,  but I'm always happier when one of these starts playing during a run. They give me an extra boost of energy and make me smile.

1. Hate On Me - Jill Scott
2. Munich - Editors
3. Fighter - Christina Aguilera
4. Fell in Love With a Girl - The White Stripes
5. How We Operate - Gomez
6. Life is Short - Butterfly Boucher
7. Louie - Ida Maria
8. Big Girls (You are Beautiful) - Mika
9. Barely Listening - Pilot Speed
10. Crazy in Love - Beyonce

I included a playlist at the end of this post in case you're interested
I hope these songs make your run (or other workout) more fun!

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Shell said...

I'm going to admit that I don't think I know any of those songs! I rarely listen to the radio and when I do, it's country.