Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Question for the Bloggers

I am always getting ideas for blog posts in strange places. In the shower, in the car, eating dinner out, etc. So I make a mental note to jot it down later. Well, I don't know where those mental notes have gone to party lately, but they're not showing their faces. They're gone. I mentioned this to my mother last night and she told me I was getting old. I'm 31....old to a 12 year old maybe, but not to everyone else, right?! So why am I losing them? And a better question, how can I make sure I don't?

My boyfriend is a freelance writer. He carries a little notebook around to jot his ideas in. I don't know if that's practical for me. I'd probably forget to bring the notebook with me! And what happens when a great idea strikes while in the shower, for example?

So blog friends, how do you manage to remember all of your fantastic ideas? Please share your secrets!


♥Cari♥ said...

I carry around a tiny note pad in my purse. If I'm in the shower or something, then I just try my best to remember. lol

SugarBooty said...

Thanks for following me and for entering my giveaway. You made a good point about remembering ideas. Sometimes I just repeat in my head several times. I'll mull it over, or even type a note in my smart phone. If I'm in the shower, then I just keep repeating it to myself until i can dry off and write/type it down!

Anonymous said...

I never remember any of my ideas, which is why I don't blog as much as I would like :) Let me in on any secrets you find out!