Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Chose the Wrong Day to Start Running, Didn't I?

We went tonight, around 8pm, thinking it'd be cooler later in the day. I think it was like 95 here at 8pm. But we ran (and yes, walked) about 2 miles. It was sticky and gross and except for the occasional nice breeze, it was too hot to be running outside. But we weren't alone. There were a few other committed runners out today too. Maybe the heat was a motivator of sorts. Kind of like, if you can do it today, you're a rockstar. And we did it. 

Ok so I have one confession. After our run, we walked to get ice cream. But we did walk there. And I only got one scoop! And we conquered a mean hill coming home. We deserved it though, right? Ok, next time we won't get the ice cream. But I am proud of us for what we did tonight. We're rockstars!

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