Friday, July 16, 2010

Pay (or play) it Forward!

I was on Facebook (I know, surprise surprise) and I saw a post from about a pay it forward event and I clicked real quick! I love to pay it forward and when I saw this one was for handmade goods, I was pretty excited!

I love handmade goods! Jewelry, pottery, artwork, crafts, etc. I'm always so impressed with people's artistic talents! I also love to make stuff so I knew this was right up my alley!

So when I got to Sand&Starfish, there were still spaces left! Yay!!!

So here's the deal! I will make something (it'll be a surprise!) for the first 3 people who comment on this post that they want to participate. I have 365 days to deliver, but I promise it won't take that long!

There will be 2 rules:

1.) You must live in the U.S. (Sorry International Friends, funds are a bit tight right now.)
2.) You must have a blog and be willing to post on your blog with the same offer I'm making here. You have to be willing to make something handmade and offer it to 3 people who agree to pay it forward also. We need to keep the chain going! :)

*If you decide you want to participate, leave a comment here telling me. I'll contact you via email to verify that I see your post as one of the first 3 and to get your mailing address. Then you can post your pay it forward post. Please post yours within 2 days or I'll choose another participant.*

Sounds fun, doesn't it?! I'm excited. I'm already beginning to dream up what I'm gonna make for you all. Make sure you sign up quickly so you can get in on the fun!


Doodle741 said...

I want to play!!


Anonymous said...

I would like to play. Does it matter what we make to pass on?

Jodi said...

Nope, Daisie! Just as long as it's handmade and you're able to send it! :)

Send me an email with your address if you want to play!