Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Brother

So I've been watching Big Brother. It's my summertime guilty pleasure every year. If I thought I had the right cut-throat attitude to do well at the game, I'd probably audition. But I don't. I also don't think I could make a video outrageous enough to get me on the show. And I wouldn't wear a bikini all day. Ok so there are lots of reasons why I wouldn't audition for Big Brother.

Are any of you watching this season? Is any else as annoyed as I am with some of the houseguests? I'm hoping the annoying ones will get picked off one by one until there's only likeable ones left.

Take Matt, for example. He seems to be a decent guy in the house. So then why do we get cocky, obnoxious Matt in the diary room. I'm tired of that Matt.

I also think it's ridiculous the way Brendon and Rachel are behaving. Brendon is a swim coach, for goodness sake! I think he's a high school swim coach. Way to be an example. Show some self-control! They seem to be attached at the lips 24/7. It's gotten real old, real quick.

Also, what is with the bikini-wearing every day?! Seriously, I know it's California and the weather is beautiful. But I've had my fill of boobs for the season already. Enough is enough.

Thanks for letting me rant. Feel free to chime in. I'd love to hear what you all think of BB this season!


Bee and Rose said...

Brendon and Rachel...yuckity yuck yuck! Not a fan of those two idiots at all!

My husband has never missed an episode since the show began over a decade ago!

Matt...booooo to you for not putting up those two nasty love birds!

Katie Jeans Jewelry said...

Brendon a teacher? Really? I gree not really showing a great example for his students. Rachel Yuck!!

Matt is the most annoying. Can he put himself up for eviction?

All the reasons we watch right?

Jamie Lane said...

I am annoyed by Enzo and the Meow-Meow stuff...grow up! And his eating manners are icky too! :) Every season I have my fingers crossed for the annoying to leave before they get to the sequester house (because I don't want to see them there either!). One of my favorite reality much fun to see the "game" played. BTW - Who is the related/life-long friend? Any thoughts? I am going with Brendan and Andrew! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Big Brother! It too is a summer guilty pleasure of mine since the very first season. Well let me tell you that I find Matt too cocky for his own good. OK already, we get that you're a certified genius but can you please show a little humility and stop saying that you're so smart, that you're sure to win HOH, that you're the brains behind everything, and on and on. I really don't get his latest mastermind plan to put up Kathy and Andrew. Personally I like Andrew, he's a little weird but he's a nice guy and harmless too. I don't know why the others hate him so. The ones I hate the most are Matt for being so darn cocky and Britney because all she and Monet did (another one I was glad to see booted off) was bad mouth everyone in the house. They remind me of the Queen Bees/Mean Girls who probably would have made fun of me in school because I didn't wear the right clothes or did not have a boyfriend or whatever. I can't stand girls like that who think they are better than everyone. Anyway going back to Matt and his genius plan well it's just dumb because I bet Andrew will get booted out next, he's a weak player and so is Kathy so I don't think they'll be winning POV.