Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

 Do you have specific lessons you want to teach your children to help them be happy, safe or successful people?

There are lessons I think every child should learn. To me, shaping by these 5 lessons will be really important and helpful to a child's experience.

1. "You are fantastic!" I want my children (and all children) to know how fabulous they are. I think it's so important for their sense of self-worth!

2. "Treat others as you'd like to be treated." This simple statement, as old-fashioned as it is, reminds us to feel for others.

3. "You can do anything in life if you're willing to work for it." Dreams can be a reality with hard work and I think that's a really important lesson for children to learn.

4. "You are loved." Tell them every day. Show them even more. Just make sure they always know! :)

5. "Be open." Every moment is a chance to learn. Keep your mind and heart open to new perspectives and experiences.

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