Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Favorite "Family Time" Ideas!

I love spending quality time with my family, but sometimes I find myself struggling to find time for us to spend together. I also think it's important to keep activity ideas fresh. Even we may always have fun as a family, sometimes the same activities get old and tiresome. I'm always looking for interesting & fun alternatives to the typical night at home with the family.  Here are 5 fun ways you can spend "Family Time" together!

1. Game Night -- We love all kinds of games! Whether it's Board Games, Trivia Games, Card Games or Video Games, this is a great way to spend fun time together! We each choose a game we want to play and then we have fun playing each family member's picks! There are a ton of fun games out there to choose from too. And they're also making more and more games that don't take hours and hours to play, leaving lots of room for variety during the night. Taking the fam out to pick a new one to add to the collection every so often will also help keep things fresh and fun!

2. Let's Do Dinner Night -- Not only will you be eating together, you'll be cooking together too! Getting the kids in the kitchen to help can be really fun! You may be surprised how much they'll love it. Younger kids especially will get a big kick out of helping in the kitchen and older kids will be a huge help! Choose a meal you all love, or be adventurous and try something brand new. If it doesn't work out, atleast you all failed together. And there's always pizza!

3. Camping Out Back Night -- Camping doesn't have to be a long weekend away. You can spend great, fun quality time with the family in your own backyard! If you have the space, or a back yard firepit, roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Tell ghost stories under the stars. Camping in your own yard can bring all of the fun of camping, with all the amenities close by! You won't have to run too far for the bathroom, but you'll still get to snuggle in the tent together.

4. Movie Night -- We love movies! So spending an evening in the family room with popcorn and a great family movie is a wonderful way to spend time together! Our family likes all different kinds of movies, so we post movie suggestions on a marker board in our kitchen. It's sort of like our Netflix queue and a day or two before each movie night we choose one to rent. Make Redbox your friend. There are kiosks in grocery stores all over now. You can even find codes online for free rentals!

5. DJ Night -- This may work better with older kids (maybe 8 or 9 and up) but give each family member a half hour to share their own favorite music with the family.  You might be surprised how much you like each other's taste in music. Keep it clean of course when there are children involved, but go in with an open mind. Your kids will love choosing the playlist and sharing their favorite bands with you.

I hope I've given you a few new ideas about spending time together as a family. Keeping ideas for family activities fresh and inventive will lead to more nights together. No one will be bored! I'm always looking for new ideas myself, so if you have any, please share! I would love to hear what you all think. I hope your next Family Night is a blast!!

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