Monday, August 30, 2010

Digital Scavenger Hunt- Summer 2010

This cold is kind of kicking my butt, so I'm a little behind with my posting, but I participated in a Digital Scavenger Hunt with Janae from Pink Dandy Chatter and I wanted to share my finds! Our challenge was to take a picture of our interpretations of 8 words: tall, colorful, heat, love, broken, crime, organic and nature. Some of these were pretty challenging, but here are my shots.

I think the angle of this shot is fun. Don't I look like a giant?! (My boyfriend says I look mean here, though I don't mean to!)

This is one of my favorites of all of the pictures I've taken. These hydrangea's were so beautiful and I loved how these blooms formed a heart.

I love bright colors and thought these were great.

 This is the birdbath in our backyard. Needless to say, the birds aren't using it like this.

With this cold, I'm trying to drink a lot of water and tea is the only thing that soothes my throat. This organic tea is one of the ones I've been drinking.

This is the thermometer on the dash of my boyfriend's car. Yep, yesterday at 7:34pm it was 88℉ here. I won't complain though because next weekend we're going camping and the forecasts are showing lows of 47℉! What happened to summer?!

I found this while walking along the road behind my house. Graffiti and littering in one shot. Sad.

This beautiful butterfly was snacking on the bush near our side door.

Blog Links That Are Participating In The Digital Scavenger Hunt:

I had a great time participating in this hunt! Please go check out the other participants' blogs too. As a group, we got some fantastic shots!


Antonia Blanca said...

Jodi, I love your pictures, especially your friendly giant and your hydrangea! Those are my favorite flowers. I just finally got my shots up today, too. Hope you can check them out. This was a lot of fun. Feel better soon.

Holly said...

Good work! I enjoyed seeing your photos!