Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Brother

Ok, I can't go on without commenting on Rachel's behavior last night. I was pretty fired up about it.

Is she really that clueless?! Maybe someone needs to attach a mirror to her face so she can see the terribly rude faces she makes! Last night, when Kathy got 2 pins and then missed a whole bunch... Did you see Rachel's face?! This evil, snide smirk spread across her face. And then when Kathy came back and beat her, Rachel had the nerve to tell her she was a poor sport for cheering?! Seriously?!

If Rachel wants everyone to stop coming after her, she really should think about how nasty she is to people. When she wins something, does she think it's good sportsmanship to run across the yard screaming telling people to watch their backs?! Or to get a life-vest? Seriously Rachel, get a clue!

And Brendon seems like a real dope. I know I shouldn't call people names. I don't really know the guy, but what is he thinking?! I mean I don't think it'll work. I think everyone will vote out Rachel no matter what he says, but why would he sacrifice himself in the game for her? That's just dumb. It looks to me like  Rachel won't deal with his push-over puppy dog personality for much longer anyway. Does he really think they're in love and going to last forever?! Rachel is constantly annoyed with him and blaming him for their losses. I just think it doesn't look good for them.

I'm looking forward to tonight's eviction episode. It should be very interesting and drama-filled. Isn't that why we watch BB anyway? For the drama? :)


Jamie Lane said...

Well put on all points! Why would anyone give up their chance to stay in the game for someone that the only know in the bb house? I couldn't believe that he is trying to "throw" his chances for her. They are just nuts!

Shell said...

I missed last night's, but really hope Rachel goes. I can't take listening to her mouth any more. So annoying.