Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

So today, I was making lunch and noticed that the crusty end of the loaf of bread from dinner last night was left, so I thought I'd put it out back for the birds and squirrels. As I was walking around back and stepped in a hole and turned my ankle! Now, this was a camouflaged hole. There is grass growing over it, out of it, so the hole is in no way obvious. Ugh. I thought I was doing something nice and then bam, twisted ankle. It's not swollen (yes, I iced it and elevated it) but it is sore. Thank goodness I can move it and walk on it, but yes it's sore. It's like an all-over ache, so I must have hit a nerve there. It actually feels better to walk on it than it does to sit still, which is weird, but I'd much rather this to the alternative. I'm going camping next weekend, and it would not be fun with a broken/twisted ankle. I'm gonna take some advil and call it a night. Hopefully it won't feel worse in the morning...


Carrie said...

aww, that sucks. i hope you feel waaay better:D

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Anonymous said...

Ouch I hope you heal fast!

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